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Why Cops Will Question Arvind Kejriwal's Parents In Swati Maliwal Row

New Delhi:

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s parents will be interrogated in the row linked to his party MP Swati Maliwal. The interrogation by the Delhi Police will take place tomorrow, the Chief Minister posted on social media this evening.

“Tomorrow Delhi Police will come to interrogate my old and sick parents,” read a rough translation of his post on X, formerly Twitter.

Sources in Delhi Police said in her statement, Ms Maliwal said when she had gone to Mr Kejriwal’s house on May 13, his wife Sunita Kejriwal and his parents were having breakfast. Ms Maliwal said she had greeted them before returning to the drawing room.

Later, in the drawing room, she was allegedly assaulted by Mr Kejriwal’s personal assistant Bibhav Kumar. The AAP MP claimed that he kicked her in the chest, stomach and pelvic area and had brutally “dragged her and pulled her shirt up”.

In his first comment on the matter today, Mr Kejriwal said he wishes for a fair investigation. “There are two versions of the event. Police should investigate both versions fairly and justice should be done,” he said, drawing a derisive response from the former chief of the women’s commission.

Ms Maliwal said it was ironic that the person responsible for her “character assassination” is calling for a fair probe.

“After unleashing the entire army of leaders and volunteers at me, calling me a BJP agent, assassinating my character, leaking edited videos, victim shaming me, roaming around with the accused, letting him re enter the crime scene and tamper evidences and protesting in favour of the accused, the Chief Minister, in whose drawing room I was beaten up, has finally said that he wants free and fair investigation in the matter,” the MP said in a post on X.