Where are the other 535 signboards in front of the city streets?


Claimed to establish rest of the board within a month

 Barnala: The issue of Rs. 7400 per board of 465 signboards erected by the Municipal Council Barnala in front of the streets of the city was a hot topic at that time and other dignitaries including some city councilors had demanded an inquiry into the matter from the Punjab government and administration. On which not only the city dwellers but also the councilors are now asking where the other 535 signboards in the streets of the city have gone. 

It is worthwhile to mention here that during the press conference held on September 16 by the President and Vice President of the Municipal Council, it was stated that tenders for installation of signboards have been issued on 5th January and allotted to the contractors on 27th January. Whose work orders were issued on March 15.

The price of these boards was fixed at Rs. 3600 at the time of administration even before the Municipal Council House and 1000 boards are to be installed in the city, 465 boards have been installed in the city as per tenders. Board installation work is in progress and the remaining 535 boards will be installed within a month. However, after three months, the signboards in the city have not been installed and now many questions are being emerged. Talking to Narendra Garg Nita, Vice President, Municipal Council, he said that signboards are being set up and would soon be put up in front of the remaining streets of the city.  

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