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WhatsApp To Introduce Feature To Control Who Can See Your Status Updates

These mentions in stories will remain private, andonlythe peopletagged will be notified.

WhatsApp is preparing to give users more control over who views their status updates. The Meta-owned messaging app’s latest feature will be similar to Instagram’s “close friends” list, where you can share your stories only with selected people. 

The feature, in the testing stage at the moment, is part of the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS, available on the TestFlight app. 

Before sharing images and videos via status updates, users can now select their selected contacts to view the updates. This upgrade gives users control over their sharing experience, allowing them to tailor who can see their updates. 

The report states that allowing users to mention contacts in their status updates “generates a greater sense of interaction within specific contacts”. This feature will make sure that important updates are “always brought to the attention of mentioned contacts since a notification is sent directly to them.” 

The report also states that these mentions will be private and won’t be visible in the status updates “ensuring that they remain discreet and confined to the intended recipients.”

In addition to this, WhatsApp is also developing a feature similar to Instagram’s tagging option. Users will soon be able to mention their contacts in their status updates. These mentions will remain private, and only the people tagged will be notified. This feature will be available in an upcoming update of the app, according to a WA Beta Info report. 

Earlier, WhatsApp announced in the beta for Android update that they were working on a new interface for the Status updates tray. With this, when you open the Status updates section, you will see a small preview of the first Status update shared by your contacts. 

This preview will allow you to quickly see what the update is about without having to open each one separately. It aims to make it more convenient for users to browse through their contacts’ Status updates.