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A versatile vegetable, ash gourd, also known as winter melon or “petha” in Hindi, is widely consumed in Indian dishes. It has a mild flavour and high water content which makes it perfect to add to dishes, especially during peak summer months. Given its cooling properties, ash gourd also makes an excellent addition not just in juices and salads in the raw form, but also in soups and stews. You might have heard a hundred different ways to consume this vegetable but ever wondered which is the best way to get the most nutrition out of it? If this question has made you contemplate the same, then fret not!

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Nutritionist Leema Mahajan (@leemamahajan) shared a video on her Instagram handle responding to all your hot questions related to ash gourd with her cool answers.

Watch the full video below:

Nutritionist Reveals The Best Way To Consume Ash Gourd

Nutritionist Leema Mahajan shared a video on her Instagram handle, revealing the best way to consume ash gourd for nutrition. She shared:

  • To make the most of ash gourd, consume it cooked or steamed in dishes like soup, dals and sabzis.
  • If you want to juice it, avoid consuming it more than thrice a week. Drink the juice on an empty stomach or with a 3-hour gap between meals, with a pinch of salt.

In the same video, nutritionist Mahajan also pointed out the drawbacks of consuming ash gourd – which is known for its alkaline nature, antioxidant profile, and anti-inflammatory properties. She shared:

  • Ash gourd is high in compounds like oxalates, phytates, and tannins that can disturb the absorption of nutrients like calcium and iron.
  • While some amounts of these anti-nutrients are okay to consume, excess of them can cause kidney stones and nutrient deficiencies. 
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Avoid drinking ash gourd juice more than thrice a week,
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How To Make Ash Gourd Juice The Right Way

In her Instagram post, Nutritionist Leema Mahajan shared an easy recipe to make ash gourd juice at home. To make this juice, wash the ash gourd thoroughly and remove the skin of the vegetable using a knife. Once done, cut the vegetables into small pieces and add them to a blender along with mint leaves, water, and black salt. Blend the ingredients well. 

Transfer it to a glass and add lemon juice on top of it. The nutritionist also recommends not straining the juice because the fibre content of ash gourd can help your digestive system.

Further, the nutritionist mentions who should avoid drinking ash gourd juice. She shared:

  • People with low blood pressure.
  • People with kidney stones.
  • People with low thyroid function.
  • People taking blood pressure medications.

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How do you usually consume ash gourd in your daily routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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