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When it comes to losing weight, there are many myths about diet that we end up believing. One such common myth is associated with rice, that “eating rice will make you gain weight.” As a result, many people eliminate their beloved rice completely from their diet, in an attempt to lose weight. However, it is simply not true, as explained by fitness coach Simran in a viral Instagram reel. To bust this weight-loss myth and explain it in an easy and engaging format, the fitness coach plays the role of rice and shares nutritional facts in the video. The viral video has clocked 3 million views.

Watch the fun and informative video here:

In the caption, the fitness expert writes, “Can I eat rice on my fat loss journey? This is the most commonly asked question. Yes, you can! Rice won’t make you gain fat! Over-eating of rice or any food item will make you gain fat! You don’t have to be afraid of rice or anything. You just have to be smart with your food choices.”

Expert-Recommended Way of Eating Rice

Rice is not directly associated with weight gain, however, overeating rice or any other similar food item may lead to weight gain. Further in the caption, the fitness coach explains that to enjoy rice without guilt or worry, first, “have a glass of water or chaas 10-12 minutes before sitting for your lunch/ dinner. Then finish your salad, and next eat your dal chawal. Follow portion control with rice, and consume more dal and curd.”
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Diet and Fitness Tips for Weight Loss

In the caption, the expert also shares that when eating your meal, it is important to “eat slowly and enjoy every bite (avoid watching TV or phones while eating). This will prevent overeating.”

She adds, “Trust me, eating rice will not give you diabetes but overeating and a sedentary lifestyle will.” Focus on being active, move your body, eat balanced foods, and “stop getting frightened by everything you see on the internet (it is easier to sell fear than to sell common sense). Start using your common sense, be more active, and improve your lifestyle.”
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Let go of that fear around eating rice and weight gain. Mindfully eat and enjoy your beloved rice for a fit and healthy body!

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