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If there’s one street food that gets all of us drooling, be it any day, any time, it is pain puri. These crispy, crunchy, and tangy puris are loved by everyone. Whether you call them gol gappe, puchka, pani batasha or pani puri, these little flavour bombs are a burst of joy in every bite. Content creator Ritu Bhalala recently shared a tempting video on Instagram that has once again triggered our cravings. In the video, a group is seen sitting on the floor of a living room and enjoying homemade crispy puris filled with tamarind chutney, green chutney, and savoury potato stuffing. The caption read “My type of fancy restaurant.”

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Desis, in no time, made a bee-line to the comments section and shared their excitement.

A person asked, “Kya aapki golgappe ki dukaan hai bhai, [Do you own a golgappe shop?]

“It looks like pani poori eating competition,” added another.

A user, from Delhi, came up with a request. “Yr aisi koi competition ya party hua kre delhi m to plz invite ke to [Please invite if there is a pani puri party in Delhi.]”

A few declared that the video is  “mouth-watering.”

A curious person asked,  “Why are the two of them not eating? They should.”

“Looks like The Pani Puri Cartel,” added another.

Some claimed that the video has triggered their craving. 

A pani puri lover added, “Akele akele khaoge ye achi baat nahi. [You shouldn’t be having it all alone.]”

If, like them, you’re also craving some savoury and tangy gol gappe, here is easy recipes for golpappe ki poori and here is recipe for tangy-spicy water.

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