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Food delivery apps have become an inevitable part of many of our daily lives. In order to shift its users towards a healthier lifestyle, Zomato has introduced a new feature. Now, when you order food items on the platform, you will be presented with a healthier alternative to the same dish. Announcing this update on X (formerly known as Twitter), Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal shared a note. He wrote, “We just launched a new feature on Zomato – gently helping our customers to make healthier choices (just in case you are subconsciously ordering something you may later regret). To begin with, we have started suggesting roti as an alternative to a naan.”
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“We are seeing a 7% attach rate for these suggestions, and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback for this feature. We are soon planning to scale this to other dishes and categories as well. For example, if you are craving a dessert, we might show you lower calorie desserts as options when you add the former to your cart,” Deepinder Goyal added. While concluding the note, Deepinder Goyal asked the users: “What do you think of this feature?”

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The X post has received more than 210K views so far. Users had many questions and comments about this new feature. 

A user questioned, “Can you mark items made in less oil or gluten-free so it’s easier to choose?” Responding to the comment, Deepinder Goyal said, “Yessir – will do!.”

Someone else asked, “Can I opt out of this when I am on a cheat day?” Deepinder Goyal wrote, “Based on the feedback, we will make all of these nudges an opt-in feature.”

A person suggested, “Do start mentioning calories and protein for items this will help users to make healthier choices and also am sure cart abandonment will also decrease.”

“Is it possible to add a calorie count against each menu option? It’s only available in very limited restaurants right now,” read a comment.

An X user requested, “Need a filter based on the type of oil used and the option to choose less oil.”

A few simply echoed, “This was needed.”

A user asked, “Can we also have a filter to customize these suggestions based on our dietary preferences?”

What do you think about this new feature? Tell us in the comments.
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