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Recently, a post detailing several problems faced by passengers on an IndiGo flight went viral. Among them, a concern about food has especially made headlines in the country. An X user took to the platform to share multiple posts about her experience. She first wrote, “Indigo flight cancellation cost me $$$$ and the manager’s response was- I have no option. What is India’s Aviation Minister doing?” She also claimed that “diabetic patients [were] forced to eat sugary food to keep up with the inconvenience. The manager’s answer is “we have no option ” Why is the aviation ministry not putting penalties on big corporations like #indigoairlines when the common man is suffering?”

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In another post, the X user said that this experience is making her reconsider her decision to travel to India. She ended up missing her international flight because of the delay. She also claimed that the quality of food they were given was “poor”. She wrote, “Hi, my PNR is GP5HGY and I had to miss my international flight to Seattle. This is making me think if I want to travel to India with an experience like this. Also, I have been here since 3 pm and no one asks us even a glass of water at 9:40 they are serving poor quality food.”

IndiGo took cognisance of her complaints and viral posts. They replied to one of them, saying, “Ma’am, this is not the experience we aim to provide our customers. We regret the inconvenience. Please share your PNR with us via DM so we may check this immediately and assist you further. – Vandana.”

Before this, a post on IndiGo’s ready-to-eat food options by popular influencer Revant Himatsingka (also known as “Food Pharmer” took the internet by storm. In the viral video, he analyses the sodium content of some of them. Click here to read the full story.
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