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With 7 Conditions, Teen Porsche Driver Got Bail On Grandfather's Assurance

The Porsche sports car was reportedly being driven at over 200 km per hour.

New Delhi:

Two bonds of Rs 7, 500 each and a 300-word essay on road safety – these were some of the bail conditions placed on the 17-year-old Pune boy who was “heavily drunk” and driving his father’s Rs 2.5 crore Porsche supercar when he rammed into and killed two people on a two-wheeler.

Seen by NDTV, the Juvenile Justice Board’s order lists seven conditions for grant of bail for the teen, whom the police want to charge as an adult given the “heinous” nature of the crime. Apart from requiring a personal bond and a surety, and the essay, the following conditions were also imposed:

  • … will visit the RTO (regional transport office) and study all rules and regulations, present a presentation, and submit the same to the Juvenile Justice Board within 15 days.
  • … will assist RTO officials and study traffic rules for 15 days, and submit a report.
  • … will be referred to external de-addiction counselling (for alcohol consumption).
  • … will consult psychiatrics at Sassoon Hospital (a government medical facility), and submit a report to the Juvenile Justice Board within 15 days.
  • … parent of CCL (child in conflict with law) is directed to keep him present before Juvenile Justice Board as and when required, and keep him away from ‘bad company’.

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Arguing for bail, the teen’s lawyers had claimed “his name is falsely implicated… (and if released on bail) will neither tamper with evidence nor try to abscond from jurisdiction of the court”. “He is ready to furnish solvent surety… to abide by the conditions imposed on him,” his lawyers had said.

pune teen porsche crash bail copy

pune teen porsche crash bail copy

The Juvenile Justice Board – criticised for the bail condition and granting release within 15 hours of a horrific incident the deceased’s family called “murder” – also noted the boy’s grandfather’s “assurances”, including ensuring the boy concentrates a “vocational course useful for his career”.

The Juvenile Justice Board, therefore, said “… it is just and proper to release” the boy on bail.

The 17-year-old boy was out with two friends to celebrate clearing his Class 12 exams.

Apart from illegally driving the Porsche (he is four months shy of 18, the minimum legal age to drive a car), the boy and his friends were served alcohol by a city establishment, identified as Cosie Bar.

The bar and the boy’s father have both been charged; they face police cases under Section 75 and 77 of the Juvenile Justice Act, which deal with wilful neglect of a child and providing liquor and/or narcotics to an underage person, unless prescribed by a medical professional.

The father was arrested Tuesday night after the cops thwarted an elaborate escape plan that involved multiple cars driven to multiple locations in an effort to throw off the authorities.

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His lawyer, however, has scoffed at the arrest and told NDTV the most crucial point – whether the police have proof the father had knowledge of the son’s activities – could not be proven.

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The bar that served the boy liquor has been sealed by the state’s Excise Department.

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This was after CCTV footage from the establishment showed the boy being given alcohol.

The boy – whom the police want to try as an adult, and have moved the Juvenile Justice Board for permission to do so – faces charges under Section 185 of the Motor Vehicles Act, which criminalises drunk driving. If convicted, the teen could get a six-month jail term and an Rs 10,000 fine.

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More significantly, he could also face charges under Section 304 of the Indian Penal Code.

This amounts to culpable homicide not amounting to murder. This charge, however, can only be made if the boy can be tried as an adult. A decision on this appeal is expected later today.

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Speaking to NDTV on Tuesday, Pune Police chief Amitesh Kumar said a “watertight case” is being made, and added, “… we are saying he had the knowledge his rash act was likely to cause death.”

According to witnesses, the accident took place at 2.15 am. The speeding Porsche – reportedly driven at 200 km per hour – rammed the bike driven by Aneesh Awadhiya and carrying Ashwini Costa, both 24 years old. Witnesses said Ms Costa was thrown 20 feet in the air and Mr Awadhiya was flung into a parked car.

After colliding with the bike, the car hit the pavement and came to a stop.

Ms Costa’s family has demanded the boy’s bail be cancelled.

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