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Tata Motors acquired the Sanand Plant from Ford on January 10, 2023, and this new plant is part of the expansion plans for Tata Passenger electric mobility. This second plant is spread across 460 acres in Gujarat and manufactures both ICE and EV models. The acquisition and other investments totalled Rs 725.7 crore, while the retooling cost was an additional Rs 1,300 crore.

For Tata Motors, it took a year to retool this facility and it will expand the manufacturing capacity further.

We took a detailed tour of the plant and there are four main shops with stamping, body construction, paint etc. It is 100 per cent automated and major retooling included the Press shop, weld shop, paint shop and assembly shop. In total, the new plant has a capacity of 300,000 units which can be increased to 420,000 units while both EVs and ICE cars are built on the same line.
Sanand Plant: Take A Look Inside Tata Motors' New Facility

The plant has more than 1000 employees and there is an in-house training facility too. The plant will also likely manufacture upcoming models the Curvv and also future models which might include the Avinya. This new plant builds the Nexon which is currently one of its most popular models, while Tata Motors also says that by 2026, the Sanand plant will transition to 100 per cent renewable energy.

Tata Motors currently has an aggressive product launch strategy particularly with EVs as it plans to launch more with the recent Punch EV and the upcoming Curvv along with future products such as the Harrier EV and more.
Sanand Plant: Take A Look Inside Tata Motors' New Facility

The next launch for example would be the Curvv which will likely come in EV form first followed by a diesel version along with a petrol coming in later. With the existing Tata Motors plant reaching its full saturation point, this new facility will facilitate new models along with lowering waiting periods for its cars. 

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