Sukhbir Badal accepts challenge of drug case against Majithia, calls it political vendetta


AMRITSAR: Former Deputy CM Punjab and Shiromani Akali Dal president Sukhbir Singh Badal today declared that his party “ accepts the challenge of a false case against one of our leaders, Bikram Singh Majithia, and warned “those abusing their official positions and playing havoc with the rule of law” to be ready to face legal consequences.”

Mr Badal also came down heavily against the Congress government in Punjab for what he called “ their playing brazen politics over the sensitive issue of the sacrilege of sacred Sikh scriptures.”
He said that unlike the Congress, the SAD will not play politics over the sacrilege issues because for us, the great Guru Sahiban and their holy scriptures are far, far above anything else in life.

He warned against a deep rooted conspiracy to vitiate the atmosphere of peace and communal harmony in Punjab. “The peace and communal harmony which we preserved for fifteen years suddenly faces a danger. The SAD followed the great Guru Sahban’s message of Sarbat da Bhala. We will continue to strive for preserving peace and communal brotherhood.”

He said,””Sachkhand Shri Harmandar Sahib is a sacred shrine where people from all religions come to pay obeisance. It’s a shrine of peace and communal brotherhood. But someone is clearly not happy about it and is conspiring both against this sacred ideal and against peace in Punjab.”

Commenting on Mr Rahul Gandhi’s remarks on lynching, Mr Badal said that it does not lie in Rahul Gandhi’s mouth to talk about lynching. “He belongs to a family that rolled tanks into Harmandar Sahib and lynched thousands of innocent Sikhs in Delhi in 1984. He is still rewarding those guilty who organized those lynchings, like Jagdish Tyler and Ajay Makin.”

Commenting on what he described as a “brazenly false case” against Akali leader Bikram Singh Majithia , Mr Badal dared the Congress rulers in the state to do whatever they can to demoralize the Khalsa Panth, the SAD. “But they will learn the lessons which taller Congress leaders before them had leant about the courage and morale of the Sikhs and the Akalis. Anyone who joins the SAD does so fully prepared to face and defeat repression. We will not be cowed down by these pygmies. They have invited their own doom by resorting to lies and abuse of their official positions. The SAD will fight them in the judicial court as well as in the court of the people.”

Mr Badal said that the case in which Mr Majithia has been falsely implicated has long been decided by competent courts and the guilty are already serving the terms of the sentence. The Congress government and its hand-picked instruments have flouted all legal and administrative norms and thrown the rule of law to the winds just to play politics on one of the most sensitive issues facing Punjab today. Those guilty of misuse of authority and distortion of law just to please their political bosses better be prepared to pay for it.”

Mr Badal said that it is public knowledge how Mr Chattopadhya has been rewarded with the post of the DGP in return for his promise to carry forward the Congress government’s agenda of vendetta politics. “ Several police officers were offered allurements as well “arm twisted to somehow book the Akali leaders in false cases. But most of them refused. Finally, the DGP used an almost defunct and rarely used police station to get his unlawful order implemented. In the end, It was Chattopadhya versus his own law abiding officers,” said Mr Badal.

Mr Badal said that the case against Mr Majithia is only the climax of thousands of false cases against innocent Akali workers, including elderly men , women and even children. “These rulers have ruined thousands of innocent lives. But the officers responsible for it will have to pay for it through due process of law.”

Mr Badal said that the present rulers were never interested in solving the sacrilege cases. “They have been focused only on vilifying Khalsa Panth and its organisations and institutions, including the SAD and the SGPC. That is why these rulers have allowed the real culprits to go Scott free. This government is guilty of shielding the culprits in both the drugs and the sacrilege issues because their only aim is to pin the blame on their political opponents.”

Mr Badal said that there was ample proof of the total and deliberate refusal of the Congress rulers to act in time to expose the conspiracy behind the acts of sacrilege. “ It is over a week since the SGPC captured the culprit who disfigured Gutka sahib and threw it into the sacred sarovar of Sachkhand Shri Harmandar Sahib. The SGPC handed the culprit to the police. But the police has been sitting on the matter and nor has the Chief Minister cared to take the people into confidence even once on the issue. This speaks of their misplaced priorities“

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