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Small Airplane Crashes In Front Yard Of US Home, 4 Injured

Investigators are piecing together the cause of the plane crash

A small plane crash in a Denver suburb on Friday morning left four people hospitalized. Arvada Fire Operations Chief Matt Osier confirmed the fiery incident occurred around 9:30 am near a house in Arvada, roughly 10 miles northwest of Denver. The crash site was located close to the intersection of Oberon Road and Carr Street.

Arvada police police said on X that two adults and two juveniles were rushed to local hospitals for treatment. Details regarding their ages and the extent of their injuries were not disclosed.

Police shared an image from the scene showing firefighters battling a blaze with a hose, likely targeting scattered plane debris in the front yard of a single-story residence.

Pilot: I’m losing power quickly. I might have to put it down somewhere near Standley.

Air Traffic Control: Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

Pilot: Ahhh, I don’t know what to do. I’m gonna have to put it down in a field somewhere.

“It started getting lower so I started following, expecting an impact. That’s when it hit and then went into flames when it got close to the truck and it all just burst into flames,” witness Erick Garcia told CBS News.

Anne has a house that backs up to the scene. She was watering her plants about 9.30 am and said she heard the plane before she saw it. 

“It sounded like a motorcycle… a strange-sounding motorcycle. I saw the plane hit the tree, it clipped the tree came hit the ground… slid,” she said.

The wreckage from the plane crash also reached the property of 90-year-old resident Dee Williams. Branches from a tree in her yard, where she’s lived for over 60 years, were damaged, and pieces of the aircraft were scattered around.

“I was so shaky about that because that’s too close,” Williams said. 

Investigators are piecing together the cause of the plane crash by examining the wreckage scattered along Oberon Road, like a puzzle waiting to be solved.

“You don’t expect it… it’s something we don’t want to expect every day,” Garcia said.