Rumer Willis to star in comedy ‘My Divorce Party’


Washington [US], November 16 (ANI): Actor Rumer Willis has been roped in to star in the upcoming comedy ‘My Divorce Party’, the feature directorial debut of Heidi Weitzer.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, ‘The Morning Show’ star Michelle Meredith will also star in the film.

Reportedly, the indie comedy, which has just wrapped production, chronicles future divorcee Xan, played by Desiree Staples, gathering her closest friends in Joshua Tree to celebrate her impending split, only to reveal she intends to burn her divorce settlement money to start fresh. Chaos ensues as each friend has a wildly different opinion on what Xan should do — blow it at a strip club, save it or use it for self-care.

“I feel so privileged and grateful to be working with so many unbelievably talented women who I not only look up to and I admire since we’ve started, but who genuinely truly make me laugh,” said Willis in a statement.

Apart from Willis and Meredith, the ensemble cast also includes Kimia Behpoornia, Sarah Hollis, Dionne Gipson and Cap Peterson.

Geenah Krisht and Adrienne Childress share producer credits. Staples, Sam Fox and Weitzer will executive produce. (ANI)

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