Punjab CM dares Kejriwal to be in his limits of decency


CHANDIGARH: idiculing the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to refrain from indulging in politics of the lowest order and mud slinging, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh while showing mirror to the AAP Convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, made it clear that his meeting with the Union Home Minister Amit Shah was exclusively on one point agenda to discuss issues related National security being the Home Minister of the border State facing a hostile neighbour, thus it was his foremost responsibility to apprise the Union Government on developments in the State.

And he would not hesitate to meet the Prime Minister and the Home Minister whenever issues of internal security are fanned by neighbouring hostile nations.

Ridiculing the allegations leveled by AAP leader as absolutely baseless, politically motivated and erroneous that he met the Union Home Minister with regard to the ED cases thrust upon his family, Captain Amarinder Singh lambasted AAP for attempting to unleash a campaign based on lies and deceit. He clarified that there was no case filed by the Enforcement Directorate against him. There was, however, a case filed by ED against his son, S. Raninder Singh which has been going on for more than a decade that too under FEMA which at most is a civil/ fiscal matter. The High court has also stayed all the earlier incorrect Income Tax assessment orders served on his son. As a measure of desperation, the IT Department has now  vindictively targeted him, along with his whole family and not even left out his minor grandchildren by sending them notices under the Prevention of Black Money Act which were also being legally dealt with.

The Chief Minister said that only a political novice and no do-gooder like Kejriwal could jump to such conclusions whereas the real picture is starkly different from what is being painted by Delhi CM who should not cross the limits of decency. In view of the widely reported developments in the media today, such as seizure of 11 Arges-84 hand grenades dropped on the night of 19th-20th December by a drone launched from Pakistan five days after they busted a drone module with international linkages in Amritsar (Rural) district, it was his bounden duty to apprise the Union Government about it so as to enable the State and Central security agencies to work in tandem in formulating a concrete strategy to foil the nefarious designs of Pakistan which always posed a major threat to state law and order as well as country’s integrity and sovereignty added Captain Amarinder Singh. The Chief Minister said that numerous such incidents actually go unreported in the media as they are not made public to avoid creating panic among the populace. However, it is his bounded duty as the Chief Minister of the State to keep the Government of India abreast is such developments at all times.

Captain Amarinder dared Kejriwal to come clean on his dubious stand on the draconian farm laws, which were earlier notified by his Government earlier and now he is shedding crocodile tears over this sensitive issue by showing fake sympathy with the farmers, which is nothing but sheer theatrics on Kejriwal’s part.

Taking on the AAP rank and file, Captain Amarinder Singh described Kejriwal as a hyprocrite of highest order and his rag-tag bunch of camp followers who were solely eyeing on the 2022 Assembly polls in Punjab. “You just joined agitating farmers cursorily to score brownie points while you and your party is remotely concerned about their woes. Had you a bit of concern for the beleaguered farmers, your party should have held demonstrations against the Central Government especially in Delhi itself”, asked Captain Amarinder Singh.

Advising the Delhi CM not to change colours like a chameleon, Captain Amarinder Singh emphatically said that the people of Punjab are with farmers from the core of their heart and have wisely visualized the devious game of Kejriwal who is out to draw political mileage from the farmers stir. “Just wait and watch, it is a writing on the wall, you and your party (Bunch of sychophants) would be decimated from the political scene of Punjab, probably the process has already been set in”, said Punjab Chief Minister.

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