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Have you ever noticed people ordering “naan bread” or “chai tea”? While these are some commonly used phrases, they actually contain redundant words. As Indians, we often find it amusing, yet slightly annoying to hear these terms. While you might have corrected your friends, some people continue to use these phrases while ordering their tea. Well, it appears we are not the only ones with an issue with the terminology. Even Padma Lakshmi, the popular Indian-American author, model, activist, and TV host, has also taken up the baton to correct people speaking this way. In her recent Instagram reel, she can be seen in her pantry, stacking some spice jars. She turns to the camera and speaks to her fans directly. “One more thing – it’s not ‘chai tea’. It’s ‘tea’. Chai tea is like saying ‘tea tea’. And I tried to explain this,” she says.

Specifying the correct way to refer to the beloved beverage, she adds, “They should just call it ‘masala tea’ or ‘masala chai,’ which is what we call it. When we put ginger or spices in the tea and it’s not just a straight cup of tea, ‘Masala tea’ or ‘tea’. No ‘chai tea’.”

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Aptly captioning the reel, she wrote, “One more time for the people in the back.”

Many viewers agreed with Padma’s perspective, sharing similar examples in the comments. “And it’s not ghee butter. It’s just ghee,” wrote a user. “If Padma says no ‘chai tea’ then there is no ‘chai tea’,” wrote another one.

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Surprised with Padma Lakshmi’s view, a user said, “I was today years old when I learned this. Merci!”

One comment also pointed out that some people call an ATM (Automated Teller Machine), ‘ATM Machine’, which is also incorrect.

“Naan bread. Ghee butter. Chai tea. This has to stop. It’s literally the same word twice!” one user remarked.

“It’s even more sad when Starbucks in India also calls it as ‘Chai tea latte,’ on their menu,” pointed out a viewer.

“Just like tuna fish! That’s saying fish fish,” read a comment.

What other food items do you think should be named more accurately? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.