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We all have our favourite food combinations that might sound strange to others but truly satisfy the soul. While some people relish Cheetos with milk, others vouch for cheddar cheese and apple pie, and a section even enjoys peanut butter with hamburgers. And guess what? Just like the rest of us, actress Parineeti Chopra has also come up with a food combination of her own. Need proof? Head straight to her Instagram timeline. The star has uploaded a video explaining the unique food fusion she has come up with. She takes a piece of gluten-free toast, tops it with a little avocado, dips it in a bowl full of sambar, and puts some imli chutney on top before eating it. When asked about how it tastes, the actress replied, “So good.” In her caption, Parineeti wrote, “New cuisine unlocked.”

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It’s not uncommon for celebrities to share their inclination towards unique food combinations. Earlier, Rashmika Mandanna revealed that she eats curd rice with Lay’s chips and even mixes Lay’s with noodles. During one of her live sessions, she said, “I am the queen of weird food combo, you know. I used to eat biriyani with rasam, I know don’t look at me… And I have this thing of curd rice with Lay’s which most of us have done. It is very nice, I am not kidding it’s really nice. I like mixing Lay’s with noodles. This is my everyday routine, I mix rice with dal and yoghurt and any other vegetable curry, so basically I mix everything and I eat, because I believe that once it goes to your tummy it’s anyway mixing, so why not mix it and eat it itself.”

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Uorfi Javed, who loves to experiment with dresses, also has a knack for creating fun fusion recipes. In a now-deleted video, the actress can be heard talking about how she whips up a dessert using soy sauce, chips, and vanilla ice cream. Uorfi said, “The recipe for the dessert which I eat is very simple. So, what I do is I take basic vanilla ice cream and I add some soy sauce. Yes, it is a weird combination…Then, you can take salted chips. Yes, chips ke saath khana hai…Chips ke saath, soy sauce and vanilla ice cream.” A food vlogger had reshared Uorfi’s video on her Instagram handle.

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