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Joe Biden's Campaign Is Hiring A Meme Manager To Boost Online Presence

Joe Biden has been rallying support ahead of his November 5 rematch against Donald Trump

US President Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris’ team is in search of a “Content and Meme Pages Partner Manager” to join their campaign. The team is looking for someone skilled at creating memes to boost the campaign’s online presence. 

According to a posting for the role, the ideal candidate should be deeply passionate about delivering political content to voters on the internet. They should have a “deep interest in politics and thrive in a fast-paced environment.” 

The selected candidate must also be “willing to relocate to the Wilmington, Delaware area”, the hometown of President Biden.  

As per the notice, the meme master role comes with key responsibilities such as building connections with top internet influencers, creating engaging content, and generating fresh and creative ideas.

Candidates are expected to have two to four years of relevant experience, and “exceptional creativity in content ideation and strategy development” and should be in alignment with the campaign’s objectives. They should also have the “ability to stay organised”, according to the notice. 

The ad also expects candidates to “work independently with external partners” to identify and secure engagement opportunities and manage them. They are also required to collaborate with “internal teams and cross-functional partners to foster innovative ideas.”

Moreover, candidates are expected to be up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations unless they have a valid reason not to. 

The Biden-Harris campaign is putting a lot of effort into both traditional and online campaigning. They have been active on all major social media platforms like Instagram, X, and Tiktok – despite the possibility of being banned in the US. 

Mr Biden’s team has also joined Truth Social, a platform started by Donald Trump, to connect with former US President’s supporters and also to make a statement.

President Biden’s re-election campaign has also been actively sharing edited content and eye-catching graphics to rally support ahead of his November 5 rematch against Mr Trump.