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Jasmin Bhasin Slams Trolls Who Criticize Actors For Their Cosmetic Surgeries

Image instagrammed by Jasmin Bhasin. (courtesy: JasminBhasin)

New Delhi:

Jasmin Bhasin recently made a strong statement against those who comment on actors’ cosmetic surgeries. In a conversation with Hindustan Times, the actress discussed how she came across a post trolling a senior actor’s appearance. Jasmin said, “They mentioned it right in the face for people to think from that perspective and bring in the negativity, which I feel is very toxic. I accept that as actors and celebrities, we put ourselves out there in public but why do people have to feed on the negativity and bring it to notice.” 

Jasmin Bhasin added, “As actors, you always want to look your best. Why would anyone want to look bad? The kind of profession we are in, we always want to look good, we always groom ourselves. One of the most important aspects of being an actor is that we want to look good, we don’t want to look bad. We have put in a lot of effort.” 

On how trolls can be “insensitive”, Jasmin Bhasin added, “At times, things don’t go right or at times, things happen naturally to the human body. You are bloated, you have hormonal issues, we are always going through something in life. So you are constantly under pressure and if things don’t go well, then trolling them and putting it right in your face is a little insensitive.”

Jasmin Bhasin also addressed the impact of comments on one’s physical appearance. She expressed, “At times, a person is going through something , some problems in personal life and anyway the person is stressed. This kind of attention brings in more negativity and it can put people into depression, it can give anxiety to people. So,why?”

In terms of work, Jasmin Bhasin will be next seen in Punjabi films Carry On Jattiye and Ardaas Sarbat De Bhale di.