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While growing up, I fondly remember my mother buying jackfruit whenever I craved something special. In summer, she would prepare a delicious jackfruit curry which I would relish with a hearty bowl of rice. This developed my taste for this fruit, which is also known as “vegetarian chicken.” Jackfruit (or kathhal) is a popular superfood that is enjoyed in summer all over India. Its meat-like texture is what makes it a versatile ingredient to concoct various dishes – from curries to pickles. However, one other reason why jackfruit is loved so much is because of its health benefits. Yes, jackfruit is packed with a variety of nutrients for overall health benefits, especially for the eyes.

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Want to know how jackfruit helps your eyes? Then fret not! Dietitian Shweta J Panchal (@dt.shwetashahpanchal) posted a video on her Instagram handle sharing how this fruit can help improve your vision.

Watch the full video below:

How Is Jackfruit Beneficial For Our Eyes?

Nutritionist Shweta J Panchal shared a video on her Instagram handle explaining how consuming jackfruit can be beneficial for your eyes.

1. Packed With Vitamin A

In these digital times, we spend most of our hours glued to our laptops, phones, or television screens. This could impact our overall eye health. However, nutritionist Panchal shares that to safeguard and improve your vision, include jackfruit in your diet since it’s rich in vitamin A that can help maintain your eye health.

2. Prevents Degeneration Of Retina

Since it is rich in vitamin A, incorporating jackfruit into your daily diet can also prevent the degeneration of your retina, thus supporting healthy eye health.

Aside from mentioning how jackfruit helps your eye health, nutritionist Shweta J Panchal also shared other health benefits that can come from consuming this fruit.

1. Good for thyroid hormone

If you are someone who suffers from hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, then jackfruit is a must for you. This is because of its copper content, which can help smooth the functioning of your thyroid hormone.

2. Strengthens Bones

Not just calcium, but jackfruit is loaded with a lot of potassium, which is beneficial for your bones. Potassium can help prevent any kind of calcium loss through the kidneys, thus adding to your overall bone health.

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Jackfruit can be used to make several delectable dishes.
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Jackfruit Kebabs, Sliders And Pickles: We’re Here To Try These Delicious Jackfruit Recipes:

Since it’s the season of jackfruit, why not try to include it in our diets with some delectable recipes? Read on to learn what you can make from this seasonal fruit.

1. Jackfruit Kebabs

Who doesn’t love kebabs? The best part is that you can easily whip up some kebabs with some jackfruit (katthal), chana dal, and spices. The result would be melt-in-your-mouth kebabs that will make it harder for you to stop after one. Pair this with a tasty yogurt or mango dip, and you are good to go! Find the full recipe here.

2. Jackfruit Slider

Say goodbye to your regular sliders and make yourself a healthy and delectable jackfruit slider. Usually, these sliders are made with chicken, but you can easily give them a vegan twist. Top it up with sauces and veggies of your choice and enjoy! Find the full recipe for Jackfruit Sliders here.

3. Jackfruit Pickle

If you haven’t tasted jackfruit pickle, then you are missing out on a lot! You can easily whip up some jackfruit pickles using oil and red chillies and make a spicy side dish for your main course meals. Add a dash of mustard oil on top of it to add a wonderful zing to it. Find the full recipe for Jackfruit Pickle here.

4. Jackfruit Korma

Yes, you might have heard of navrattan korma, but jackfruit korma is a recipe that we simply relish. If you are a Korma fan too, you have to try this Jackfruit Korma. Made with chopped onions, cashews, almonds, and curd, this recipe tastes amazing with naan or roti. Find the step-by-step recipe to make jackfruit korma here.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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