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A staple in South Indian cuisine, dosa defines comfort and taste. It is made with simple pantry ingredients and tastes amazing with spicy chutneys or tangy sambar. However, aside from its taste, the best part about dosa is that it is extremely versatile, meaning you can alter it as per your taste and ingredient preference. Since it is ubiquitous in India, you can find several unique versions of it – from millet dosa to Indo-Chinese dosas. If you are a fan of dosas, then today we bring a unique dosa recipe for you – jackfruit (kathal) dosa! Yes, you read that right! You can use this seasonal fruit to create a delightful dosa and pair it with chutneys and sambar. In fact, this tasty jackfruit dosa is a traditional dish from the Malenadu region of Karnataka. Intrigued?

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Digital creator Nitya Hegde (@finefettlecookery) shared an easy recipe to make jackfruit dosa at home and make your summer memorable!

Watch the full video of Jackfruit Dosa below:

How To Make Jackfruit Dosa At Home | Jackfruit Dosa Recipe

Digital creator Nitya Hegde shared an easy recipe for jackfruit (kathal) dosa to make at home. To make this dosa, take one cup of rice and soak it for at least four hours. Once done, use an oiled knife to open the jackfruit. Extract the pulp and remove all the seeds from it. After the rice has been soaked for a couple of hours, take a blender jar and add it along with the jackfruit pulp. Blend and make a smooth paste out of it. Add some jaggery for sweetness and blend again.

At this point, if you feel like the consistency of the batter is too thick, add a little bit of water and mix well. Once you get the desired consistency, heat a tawa and grease it with some oil. Add the jackfruit dosa batter and cook it on low heat until it turns slightly golden brown. Gently remove it from the tawa and enjoy!

The digital creator recommends enjoying this jackfruit dosa with chutney, podi powder, ghee, or just like that.

You can easily spot the best jackfruit for you with these easy steps.

You can easily spot the best jackfruit for you with these easy steps.
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How To Buy The Best Jackfruit This Summer – 5 Easy Tips

Jackfruit or kathal is a seasonal fruit that is only available in summer. Don’t know how to spot the right one for yourself? Fret not! Here are some easy ways to buy and store jackfruit.

  1. When you are buying a cut jackfruit, make sure that the flesh has a vibrant yellow color without any dark patches.
  2. If you are buying a whole fruit, make sure the jackfruit smells pleasant. A strong smell indicates that the fruit is ripe and has juicy flesh inside.

  3. If the jackfruit you spot is mostly brown and has several dark spots, it means it’s overripe and will become stale in no time.

  4. If the jackfruit’s skin is softened, it’s ripe enough to consume. Press the skin gently and feel it with your hand.

  5. If you buy a jackfruit just to consume it after a few days, choose a green one. Let it ripen at room temperature for a couple of days, until it becomes ripe and ready to be cooked.

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Do you like eating jackfruit? If yes, then what is your favourite dish? Let us know in the comments below!

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