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Election Commission Issues Stern 10-Point Warning To BJP And Congress

New Delhi:
The Election Commission of India has issued a stringent 10-point directive to the country’s two main political parties, the BJP and the Congress, amidst concerns over deteriorating quality of campaign rhetoric during the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Here is the EC’s 10-point warning:

  1. “India’s socio-cultural milieu is an enduring preserve and cannot be made a casualty to elections,” the ECI declared. 

  2. The Election Commission stressed that the BJP and the Congress must not compromise the integrity of India’s electoral traditions.

  3. The ECI has instructed BJP President JP Nadda and Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge to issue formal directives to their star campaigners to maintain decorum and exercise caution in their public discourse. 

  4. Highlighting the unprecedented nature of these orders, the ECI pointed out the significant drop in the quality of campaigning led by the star campaigners from both parties.

  5. The ECI noted that the “party currently in power” holds an extra responsibility during election times. The commission underscored that this does not, however, grant unlimited leeway to the opposition either.

  6. The BJP has been specifically warned against using religious and communal overtones in their campaign speeches. 

  7. The ECI has demanded an immediate halt to any rhetoric that could potentially divide society along communal lines.

  8. Similarly, the Congress has been cautioned to ensure that its star campaigners do not make statements that might create false impressions, such as claims that the Constitution of India could be abolished or sold.

  9. Addressing Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s assertion that the Opposition INDIA bloc would abolish the Agniveer scheme if elected, the ECI has instructed Congress campaigners to refrain from politicising the armed forces. 

  10. The ECI also warned the Congress against making divisive statements regarding the socio-economic composition of the defence forces.