Draconian Agri laws will create starvation in the country: Sachin Sharma


CHANDIGARH:Three new laws for agriculture sector passed by the Government of India under the gimmick of agrarian reforms will create a situation of starvation in the country. It was disclosed by Mr. Sachin Sharma, Chairman, Punjab State Gau Commission.

Mr. Sharma said that it was due to the hard work of the Indian farmers the country had become self reliant in terms of foodgrains and the farmers of Punjab and Haryana have been instrumental in this.  He said that the number of deaths due to starvation in the country has come down drastically at present, but the newly passed bills under the name of agrarian reforms would create scarcity of food grains which create situation of starvation.

Mr. Sharma said that in view of Corona pandemic, when all the industrial sectors went into deficit during the lockdown in the country, it was the agriculture sector that contributed positively to the country’s GDP.

He asked the central government to read the writing on the wall as every resident of the country was standing against the central government against these agricultural laws.  Mr. Sharma said that while the farmers have joined the protest in Delhi but their sons protected the country on Borders. While questioning the moral values of the government, he said that Modi led BJP government was not elected by the people to serve the interests of corporate houses.

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