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Pizzas are a cheesy affair, meant to be devoured with every single bite. Bonus points for the stuffed toppings and crispy edges. Some pizza lovers cannot even entertain the thought of sharing their pizzas. But Katy Perry is not among them. Guess what the American singing sensation did with a pepperoni pizza slice? On her final night as an American Idol Season 22 judge, the Dark Horse singer threw the slice at the crowd, recreating her iconic 2022 viral video. Dropping the video of herself exhibiting the unconventional act on Instagram, Katy wrote, “A pizza my heart will always be on the idol stage.”

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In the video, Katy Perry showed the slice to the camera before flinging it at the audience. One female fan tried to catch it but failed in her attempt. The pizza chunk dropped on the floor. While the woman displayed a shocked reaction, Katy remained unaffected by the outcome. She shrugged her shoulders, flashed a smile, and danced away on the stage. 

Watch the full video below:

Although meant for entertainment purposes, social media users were unimpressed by Katy Perry’s behaviour. She received major backlash from the internet population who condemned the lack of respect and wastage of food in general.  

An individual imagining themselves in the place of the crowd asserted that they “Would’ve flung that (pizza slice) right back.”

Pointing out the “wrongdoing,” another fan wrote, “You should never do that to anyone.”

“That’s so rude,” exclaimed a person. 

“Don’t waste food,” urged one conscious food aficionado.

Criticising the Grammy Award nominee’s gesture, an Instagrammer stated that it was “silly, disrespectful, and childish”. 

Taking a subtle dig at the pop icon, a user highlighted that Katy was “always feeding her children with anything but music”

“Audiences are not dogs. Very sad to see this happen,” read another disapproving remark. 

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