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Parathas are a go-to food option for many. It won’t be wrong to call it the national breakfast in Indian households. Agree? From the classic aloo (potato) filling to keema (minced meat) stuffing, the dish has evolved over the years. No, we aren’t complaining. After all, it is the quintessential breakfast we are talking about. In the middle of this, we can’t ignore the bizarre recipes – candy parathas and the bold and spirited vodka aloo paratha. Well, if you think you have had enough already, wait for the latest paratha video that is ruling the Internet. We are talking about the viral ‘diesel paratha’ video. The clip triggered a debate online with people alleging that the food vendor in Chandigarh used diesel to cook them. 

A section of users also demanded an investigation by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).
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Days after the video surfaced online, the food vendor cleared the air about the ‘diesel paratha.’

In response to the outcry, Channi Singh, the owner of the dhaba, has vehemently denied the existence of ‘diesel parathas’ on his menu. He clarified it to ANI saying, “We neither make any such thing as ‘diesel paratha’ nor serve any such thing to customers. A blogger had made that video just for fun.” He emphasised that his restaurant only uses edible oils for cooking and prioritises the hygiene and safety of its food. “We provide hygienic food to people here. We don’t play with people’s lives,” he added.

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Even the food blogger responsible for the viral video, Amanpreet Singh, known as ‘oyefoodiesingh’ on Instagram, has since issued a public apology. He expressed regret for any distress caused by the video and clarified that the parathas were fried in normal cooking oil, not diesel. Amanpreet has extended his apology to the Chandigarh Administration, the people of Chandigarh, and the wider Indian audience, hoping for their understanding and forgiveness.

“To the esteemed Chandigarh Administration, the gracious people of Chandigarh, and the entirety of India, I humbly extend my sincerest apologies. I deeply regret the content of my recent video and acknowledge the distress it may have caused,” he explained.