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Delhi Lt Governor Directs Agencies To Urgently Carry Out Desilting Of Drains

He chaired a meeting of DDMA to review the flood control preparedness

New Delhi:

Delhi Lt Governor V K Saxena on Thursday chaired a meeting of the DDMA and directed agencies to urgently carry out the work of desilting of drains and removal of encroachment along the drains, Raj Niwas officials said.

Mr Saxena directed the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), which is coordinating with various construction agencies for the removal of debris and construction material from the Yamuna floodplains, to ensure that there is no obstruction in the flow of the Yamuna due to the construction of bridges and other activities in the floodplains.

The LG also directed that permanent and temporary pumps should be installed at the vulnerable spots and monitored round the clock from the control room. He said silt deposit in all 22 major drains should be assessed on urgent basis and all road culverts be cleaned urgently.

He chaired a meeting of Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) to review the flood control preparedness of all concerned agencies in the National Capital in the wake of incidents of heavy waterlogging across Delhi in recent days. Delhi Water Minister Atishi was present in the meeting.

The LG directed the concerned agencies — Irrigation & Flood Control Department (I&FCD), PWD, MCD, NDMC — to carry out extensive desilting of the drains, which should have been completed by June 15, and clear all choked drains on an urgent basis, an official said.

Noting that disposal of garbage and construction and demolition (C&D) waste in the drains and heavy encroachment along the drains were primarily responsible for choking of drains that cause waterlogging in the city, he particularly directed the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to step up the monitoring of drains and impose penalty for disposing garbage in the drains.

“The recent flooding in South Delhi, West Delhi, Mundka, etc. were on account of this as was evident at the Taimur Nagar drain,” he added.

The vice-chairman of DDA informed the LG that all agencies have almost removed all their machinery and construction material from the Yamuna and huge quantity of debris and construction waste have been cleared from the river.

The DDA will conduct a thorough inspection of river Yamuna in the Delhi region on July 13 to assess and ensure that the flow of the Yamuna does not get obstructed at all during the monsoon.

The LG directed all agencies particularly the PWD, Railways and NCRTC to expedite and remove all their equipment and waste from the Yamuna at the earliest.

He particularly pointed out the heavy deposit of C&D waste in the Yamuna near Signature Bridge in North Delhi, which is a highly vulnerable point during the flood. He directed the PWD, I&FCD and Tourism Department to immediately take up the cleaning of the stretch.

“If the concerned agencies failed to clear the same, DDA will carry out the removal exercise at the cost of these agencies,” the official said.

While the LG was informed that the management and operation of all 22 major drains falling into the Yamuna has been assigned to the I&FCD, Saxena also directed for handing over the responsibility of operating regulators on these drains to I&FCD only.

“For this, he also directed the department to hire additional manpower from other departments or agencies on diverted capacity to meet any contingency during the eventuality of flood in the capital.

“All regulators and barrage gates should be manned by operators, engineers and technicians on 24×7 basis,” the official said.

Mr Saxena was informed that 29 teams of the National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF), equipped with over 100 boats, are deployed in and around the Delhi region to carry out the relief and rescue works in case of flood.

He directed the I&FCD to remain in constant touch with their counterparts in Haryana and upper reaches of Himachal Pradesh to monitor the rainfall levels and water discharge from Hathnikund Barrage regularly, the official said.

“I&FCD will be responsible for augmentation of equipment and machinery like dewatering pumps, and resources for their repair and maintenance, etc. during flood situation. He also directed that adequate arrangements shall be put in place by the Revenue Department and concerned DMs for evacuation of nearly 25,000 persons living in the low lying area, when the Yamuna crosses the danger mark,” he added.

The Health Department has been directed to make adequate arrangements in hospitals to deal with situation arising out of the flood and the subsequent outburst of vector-borne diseases.

The agencies have been directed to constantly monitor the waterlogging hot-spots across the capital in case of heavy rains. The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) and the concerned DMs will ensure round the clock drinking water supply and food for the evacuees.

Critically vulnerable areas like Monastery Market, Nigam Bodh Ghat, Vijay Ghat, Chilla Regulator, Yamuna Bazar and Boat Club are being monitored round the clock from the Central Control Room, the official said.