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Bridgerton Season 3, Part 1 has been released on Netflix and our dearest gentle readers cannot keep calm! If you love this series, you may have already binge-watched the new season. Well, we are not spilling any spoilers here for those who have not. What we have is a fun and delicious take on our beloved Bridgerton characters, reimagined as desserts – sweet, sometimes tangy and with some surprising spiciness, cause why not? Take out your spoons and get ready to find out which remarkable dessert your favourite character represents.

Here Are 8 Delicious Desserts Representing Beloved Bridgerton Characters:

1. Queen Charlotte – Macaron Pyramid

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Photo Credit: (L-R) Instagram/bridgertonnetflix and iStock

Queen Charlotte has many distinct character traits that make her special. However, when it comes to picking a dessert for her, we find a macaron pyramid to be the perfect representation – a range of colours, elegance and a tribute to her remarkable wigs.

2. Anthony Bridgerton – Creme Brulee

With a tough exterior that gives way to a creamy, smooth interior, Creme Brulee is the perfect dessert representation for Anthony Bridgerton. To the world, Anthony always has a tough and overprotective exterior that never fails to impress. However, deep down, for those who can “crack” him, they find he has a soft, gentle and loving heart that needs to be taken care of by someone else. 
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3. Lady Whistledown – Spicy Chocolate Brownie

The woman behind the gossip pamphlets that can make or break anyone’s plans and goals during the social season, Lady Whistedown can be aptly represented as the Spicy Chocolate Brownie – mysterious, sweet and spicy. A brownie you always seek, like her gossip and point of view, that can be too spicy to handle in most cases.

4. Colin Bridgerton – Vanilla Cheesecake

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Photo Credit: (L-R) Instagram/bridgertonnetflix and iStock

Classic, elegant, and universally loved, Colin Bridgerton aligns well with Vanilla Cheesecake –  a dessert that’s simple but sophisticated. He’s the “good and caring guy” one seeks in a son, brother, friend and partner. You cannot not like someone like Colin, though you may not find him too exciting, or Vanilla Cheesecake, if you are looking for some drama.

5. Lady Danbury – Tiramisu

Strong and bold, yet with a tender side, Lady Danbury is like Tiramisu. A mix of robust flavours like coffee and cream, Lady Danbury and Tiramisu both come with layers. She is bitter and she is sweet, depending on how she sees the situation and the people involved. She knows all the gossip of the ton, and no gossip can be complete without coffee, just like every perfect Tiramisu.

6. Penelope Featherington – Mixed Fruit Cake

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Photo Credit: (L-R) Instagram/bridgertonnetflix and Instagram/the_tropical_bakery

Sweet, vibrant, and with a lot of hidden depth beneath a colourful exterior, Penelope Featherington can be compared to a Mixed Fruit Cake. While there is nothing to dislike about her, no one is a big fan of Penelope, apart from her inner circle friends, you deeply adore her. 

7. Eloise Bridgerton – Deconstructed Dessert

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Photo Credit: (L-R) Instagram/bridgertonnetflix and iStock

Eloise Bridgerton is sharp, refreshing, full of character and always leaves an impression. A dessert to represent her has got to be a deconstructed dessert, she is a rebel within the ton, who fails to understand the usual ways of marriage and life and wants to live life on her terms. Eloise is truly one of a kind!

8. Benedict Bridgerton – Mirror Glaze Cake

Benedict is the unabashed artistic character in the Bridgerton household – willing to take risks and explore the world as well as himself. An artistic dessert that would suit him is the Mirror Glaze Cake. This dessert features a smooth, glossy surface that reflects light like a mirror, creating a stunning visual effect. The artistry involved in creating the perfect mirror glaze requires precision and skill, making it a true work of edible art. 
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Which of these is your favourite character-desserts? Share with us in the comments section.