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In India, buying vegetables from a nearby sabzi mandi seems incomplete without the ‘complimentary’ dhaniya (coriander leaves) that comes along. Let’s agree, most of you will resonate with this feeling! Taking a cue from the same, Blinkit has recently introduced the same practice to make the online delivery platform yet more relatable for all. You read that right! Blinkit CEO Albinder Dhindsa took to the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to announce the news, adding that they will polish the feature in the upcoming weeks.

“It’s live! Everyone please thank Ankit’s mom. We will polish the feature in next couple of weeks,” he posted, along with a screenshot of a Blinkit cart, showing dhaniya being listed as ‘free gift’ along with the ordered vegetables.

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Here’s the post for you:

The development came after an X user, named Ankit Sawant, shared his dismay in a post, mentioning that his mother was unhappy after having to pay for coriander leaves, along with the vegetables she ordered on Blinkit. Ankit further tagged Albinder Dhindsa on the post and shared his mother’s idea of ‘free dhaniya’ on buying vegetables through the grocery delivery platform.

“Mom got a mini heart attack because she had to pay for dhaniya on Blinkit. @albinder- mom is suggesting that you should bundle it for free with a certain amount of veggies,” the post read.

It seems Blinkit’s CEO was quick enough to take the suggestion under consideration, and it grabbed enough attention on the internet. In not even 24 hours, the post has garnered around 683k views, more than 9k likes, and hundreds of comments on it.

“This dhaniya update is worth a billion dollars in market cap. 5% higher closing tomorrow,” a comment read.

Another person wrote, “By far the one of the most impressive usage of Social Media (X specifically) and fast implementation by the company. Betting big time on Zomato & Blinkit!”

A third comment read, “Wow…the execution speed…” Another person wrote, “Love the speed of execution!” A comment read, “Dude! Seriously, this is amazing.”

“That’s literally every mom ever, but thanks! Mine would be happy too,” a user wrote.

What are your thoughts on this relatable development by Blinkit? Share it with us in the comments section below.