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Bangladesh MP Murdered By Illegal Immigrant, Who Peeled Skin, Chopped Body: Sources

New Delhi:

The West Bengal CID has made a significant breakthrough in the investigation of the gruesome murder of a Bangladesh MP Anwarul Azim Anar in Kolkata. The leader was allegedly strangled, skinned, and chopped up in an apartment in the New Town area of Kolkata, sources said. Authorities have arrested Jihad Hawaldar, an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh, residing in Mumbai, who is alleged to have played a pivotal role in the horrific crime.

According to CID sources, Jihad Hawaldar has confessed to his involvement in the murder and the subsequent dismemberment of the MP’s body in a flat located in Newtown, Kolkata. The investigation has revealed shocking details of how the crime was meticulously planned and executed. Hawaldar disclosed that the mastermind behind this heinous act is Akhtaruzzaman, a US citizen of Bangladeshi origin. Under Akhtaruzzaman’s orders, Hawaldar, along with four other Bangladeshi nationals, smothered and killed the MP in the Newtown apartment.

Anar, who went missing in Kolkata on May 13, was found murdered and three people have been arrested, Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said on Wednesday.

The state CID, which is investigating the case, has found blood stains inside the New Town flat and also recovered several plastic bags, which they believe were used to dump the body parts.

Circumstantial evidence indicates that the MP was first strangled and then his body was cut into several pieces, police claimed.

The revelations during the investigation are nothing short of chilling. Hawaldar recounted how, following the murder, the group proceeded to skin the body, remove all the flesh, and mince it to obliterate any possibility of identification. The remains were then packed into plastic bags, with the bones cut into small pieces. These packets were subsequently transported using various modes of transport and disposed of within different areas of Kolkata.

Police sources have confirmed that Jihad Hawaldar will be produced in Barasat Court today. The authorities are expected to seek his custody to further verify his statements and to attempt the recovery of the body parts of the murdered MP.