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The internet is full of bizarre food fusions. As we casually scroll through, we often stumble upon strange food combinations like Gulab Jamun Dosa, Dahi Maggi, Oreo Pakoda, Chocolate Rice Bowl, Dry Fruit Omelette, Vodka Aloo Paratha, and the list goes on. The latest addition to this eccentric culinary trend is tandoori ice cream bars. Yes, you read that right. The frozen delight we often enjoy to beat the heat is now being placed on top of a grill. An Instagram video shows the making of this dish. After watching the video, the foodie community is not exactly thrilled with this creation.

In the video, a person takes four ice cream bars, two of which are chocolate flavours and the other two appear to be vanilla. They place all of them on top of a grill with burning charcoal underneath. Moments later, the person drizzles the bars with chocolate and colourful sprinkles. The text on top of the video reads, “Tandoori choco-bar.”
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The video has amassed over a million views. Several people shared their reactions in the comment section.

A user wrote, “Bhai is per to rehem kro [Show some mercy on it, brother.]”

Another one added, “Aaise hi bhagwan v narak m tmhra tandoor bnynge …[Just like this, God will make a furnace for you in the hell]”

Someone joked, “Chotu ek plate garma garam ice cream laga de [Chotu, Serve a hot plate of ice cream.]”

Ise dekhne se phele me mar kyu nahi gai [Why didn’t I die before seeing this?],” read a comment.

An Instagrammer asked, “Why are you doing this with ice cream?”

Many questioned, “Ye pigla kaise nhi?? [How did it not melt?]”

A person commented, “Yeh pagal log kaha se ata hai? [Where do these crazy people come from?]”

What do you think about tandoori ice cream bars? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.