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Let’s admit it, we have all been in a situation where midway through our second or third cocktail, we realize that it does not taste the way we expected it to. Whether it is because of the ingredients, (less) amount of alcohol, or the presentation in general. Friday is here and it is time to embrace the weekend with open arms. Most of us will have plans to party. But when we go out, we risk all kinds of bummer – bad music, bad food, and the most feared of all – bad cocktails! While the former two are out of our hands, as drink connoisseurs, we can make sure our cocktails don’t taint our experience. If you are someone who finds themselves in a similar situation, then fret not! We have combined a list of 5 telltale signs that your bartender is not making your cocktails properly.

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Not using the right tools while making cocktails could be a red flag.

Not using the right tools while making cocktails could be a red flag.
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5 Telltale Signs That Your Bartender Isn’t Making Your Cocktails Properly

1. Guessing Measurements

Picture this: You are standing in a bar queue just to see your bartender skipping the measuring tool and casually pouring alcohol with a flick of the wrist like they are putting on a show. While this might look cool, accurate measurements are essential in making cocktails. If you see that your bartender is just guessing the amounts, then the flavours of your cocktails can be thrown off and might not taste as you expect them to. 

2. Forgetting The Recipe

One of the best ways to know if your bartender knows your drink is by asking them questions. Ask them about the ingredients of your cocktail or just a simple recommendation about other cocktails with similar alcohol bases. A good bartender treats the recipe like a set of instructions to follow. But if you see your bartender making it up as they go or forgetting important ingredients, then it’s a bad sign. 

3. Multitasking Bartender

Preparing great cocktails does not require only talent and skill but also time and focus. If you see your bartender performing several tasks together, such as making more than one cocktail at a time or also rushing to the kitchen in between, then it can be a problem. A good bartender should take their time when preparing a drink and focus only on that. If they are multitasking, they may not have the time to whip up a flawless martini or a delightful sangria as they are responsible for several other tasks.

Is your bartender is multi-tasking, then they might not make your cocktail properly.

Is your bartender is multi-tasking, then they might not make your cocktail properly.
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4. Poor Quality Ingredients

Any cocktail lover would know that quality matters when it comes to spirits and mixers. If you see your bartender using cheap or generic ingredients in your cocktail, then it can ruin your drinking experience. Along with the right set of tools, great cocktails need high-quality spirits, syrups, or juice so that the drinks can taste their best when served.

5. Ignoring Neatness And Presentation

It is important that your cocktail comes from a clean preparation area, so please take a look at the bar while you wait for your order. Sometimes, it might look clean from where you are sitting, but a closer look behind the bar might reveal sticky floors, puddles, or even unwashed glassware. If you see the bar counter and the area behind being untidy, then that might be a red flag. Just to let you know, hygiene also applies to your bartender’s appearance. Check if your bartender has clean hands and fingernails. This could give you a quick realization if your bartender is experienced or not.

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Is there any other way to know if your bartender is making cocktails properly? Let us know in the comments below!

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