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Chhole Bhature is a popular Punjabi recipe. It is a combination of the hot chickpea curry full of masala, served along with soft and fluffy fried bhaturas. While it is a popular breakfast dish, chhole bhature lovers can enjoy it anytime. The meal pairs well with some mint chutney, spicy achaar, green chillies, raw onions and chilled lassi. You can prepare fresh chhole bhature at home or enjoy it from any good chhole bhature place in your city. The point is, do you just like eating chhole bhature, or are you a real fan and true lover of chhole bhature? Check out some signs only die-hard chhole bhature fans can relate to.

Here Are 5 Signs Of A True Chhole Bhature Lover:

1. Sunday Breakfast Always Means Chhole Bhature

For a die-hard chhole bhature lover, Sunday breakfast always means having a plate of those delicious-smelling chhole bhature with a glass of lassi and some tangy achaar. You can pick chhole bhature over any other popular breakfast foods like paratha, dosa, poha, idli, et al.

2. You Know All The Best Chhole Bhature Places In The City

A true chhole bhature lover knows the best chhole bhature spots in the town. You know which place makes the best chhole or where to find the softest bhaturas. You would have tried all types of bhaturas — from the fresh, puffy ones filled with steam, to the pre-made bhaturas that are stuffed with masala and reheated before serving. 

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3. You Can Never Stop At A Single Bhatura

You may have a good sense of portion control, especially if you are trying to lose weight. However, when it comes to eating chhole bhature, especially on a cheat day, it is hard for you to control your inner glutton monster. You can never get enough of these fluffy bhaturas served with the chhole — the most epic good combination there ever could be. You may even have thanked and blessed the inventor of this combo in your head.
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4. Your Heart Dances At That First Bite Everytime

You know something about true love? It never gets boring. At least that’s the case with a plate of freshly made chhole bhature (or reheated, it’s chhole bhature after all) and its rightful lover. Every time you eat this meal, you seem to fall in love with it even more. 

5. You Don’t Care If It Will Make You Put On A Little Weight

If you are mindful about watching your weight, you may avoid those chocolate brownies or stop yourself from eating more fries. However, when it comes to chhole bhature, you really don’t care. It is just you and your plate of delightful chhole bhature in a happy little bubble of your own, and all the weight gain worries can take a chill pill this time. 
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How many of these signs do you think you display? If you can relate with them all, perhaps you are the biggest chhole bhature lover out there! Are there any more things a true chhole bhature can relate to? Share with us in the comments section.