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1-Year-Old Dies Of Cardiac Arrest In US After Mother's Boyfriend Hits Him

The statement claimed that the baby was killed on May 1.

A man in Ohio, United States, was accused of murdering his girlfriend’s one-year-old son, as per a report in People. Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Powers said that Kareem Keita was declared dead in a hospital on May 5 after he was found unresponsive in his home.

According to Ms Powers’ statement, 23-year-old Edward Murray was detained in relation to Kareem’s death and subsequently indicted on many counts, including murder. The statement claimed that the baby was killed on May 1.

Further, an investigation into Kareem’s horrific injuries showed that he had experienced cardiac arrest, which resulted in brain damage, a shattered rib, a lacerated liver, bleeding eye tissue, and brain swelling.

Doctors at a hospital in Cincinnati said that injuries on the one-year-old “could only have occurred from violent impacts against objects or from delivered blows.” Kareem’s death was ruled a homicide.

The statement stated that at the time of the death, Kareem’s mother, Aminata Keita, had been dating Murray for around three months. The complaint claims that on May 1, Murray took Kareem inside and put him “directly to bed” after they had been playing outside the house. The 23-year-old added that the boy skipped meals since he was tired. According to the authorities, Murray claimed to have spent “several minutes” in Kareem’s bedroom.

The prosecutors said, “Murray was unable to provide any alternate explanation for how K.K. could have been injured so severely.”

According to online court documents seen by the outlet, Murray has been charged with two charges of murder, one crime of assault, and one case of endangering the welfare of a child. “This case is both heartbreaking and sickening. I cannot imagine the amount of evil required to hurt an innocent child so severely. “It is genuinely disturbing to think someone capable of doing this might walk among us,” Ms Powers said in the statement.

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